Oracle Integration Cloud August 2020 new features: Accelerators, Recipes and Couple of Brand new Adapters, and more..

Oracle is adding new features to a big variety of cloud services practically every month and OIC is one of them.

New OIC home page with shortcuts to new features and other useful documentation and help


Are run-ready business integrations or technical patterns that you can configure and activate. Accelerators are supported by the vendor (Oracle) or third party. There are business accelerators and technical accelerators. They are configurable in OIC and in Oracle Applications (SaaS) and extensible. Accelerators are upgraded periodically by the producer and paid mode (at the discretion of the producer).


Are templates or samples that give you a head start. Recipes are not supported, fully editable, no auto-upgrade, configurable in OIC and always free.

Other new features

New Adapter for Oracle Streaming (kafka)

New Paypal adapter

New AS2 adapter

REST adapter added OpenApi support

Salesforce adapter added capability for calling APEX classes

And more

That’s all, hope this helps! 🙂

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