WebLogic Kubernetes Operator: Deploying a Java App in a WebLogic Domain on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) in 30 Minutes

WebLogic Kubernetes Operator provides a way of running WLS domains in a k8s cluster. For this post we are depicting the steps of the tutorial you can find in the documentation here. So let's get started! What you need: a k8s clusterkubectlmavengitdocker60 minutes git clone https://github.com/oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator docker login docker pull oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator:2.2.0 docker pull traefik:1.7.6 For [...]

Shared Disk Seen by Pods Deployed in two Independent OKE Clusters across two Cloud Regions | Remote Network Peering

In this episode we are creating 2 independent OKE clusters, one in Frankfurt and the other in Phoenix, and then we will create a File System in Frankfurt (kind of NFS server) that will act as repository for a shared persistent volume reachable by all the pods of a deployment deployed to both clusters. Remote [...]

Scheduling with Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) the Start/Stop Sequence of an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Instance

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is a CI/CD environment provided by Oracle for cloud customers. It is almost free, you only pay for the storage and the compute utilised when jobs are run. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a powerful and proactive reporting tool. Builds Builds are the well known tasks typical in Jenkins: Start [...]

Load Balancig, High Availability and Fail-Over of a Micro-Service Deployed in two Separated Kubernetes Clusters: one running in Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) and the other in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Oracle Cloud Edge Services Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides Edge Services, is a group of services related with DNS, Health Checks, Traffic Management and WAF (Web Application Firewall). In this episode we are utilising DNS Zone Management, Traffic Management Steering Policies and Health Checks for load balancing and fail-over of a micro-service running in two different [...]

Integrating DevCS Notifications with Slack Using WebHooks

One interesting thing regarding CI and DevOps is the ability to be notified when things happen without the need to log in a web app every hour and see what happened. Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS -a CI/DevOps tool from Oracle Cloud-) can be configured to send notifications to several channels, one of them is [...]

Implementing Deploy Steps in DevCS Builds

Classic approach for deploying artefacts to Oracle Cloud Java and Application Container instances was utilising "Deployments": There is a new option, now you can made deploys in build steps. For doing that you must first create an "Environment", watch this video to see how: After that, go to one of your builds and add an [...]

Moving Git Repo from DevCS “classic”to DevCS OCI (in fact you can import whatever git repository you have access to)

I recommend moving to the DevCS OCI "flavour", it has many advantages. Fortunately is easy to import the repos. First, click on [+Create Repository] Second, provide the information coming from the old repo, and click [Create] and in a better of seconds it is imported and you are done! Hope it helps! 🙂