Oracle SaaS Stories: Creating a Custom App Extension with Visual Builder | Part One: Connect Visual Builder to Fusion SaaS API Service Catalog

Visual Builder Cloud Service (aka VBCS), one of the 3 legs of Oracle Integration Cloud (aka OIC), is a low code development environment that is one of the main mechanisms for extending Oracle Fusion SaaS Apps. In this episode we are connecting VBCS to a SaaS instance, so we can

Deploying a Coherence Cluster in Kubernetes

Coherence-Operator is a Kubernetes opeartor for deploying Oracle Coherence in k8s. Let’s see how to do it. 1 Clean previous setup intents: helm del –purge sample-coherence helm del –purge sample-coherence-operator kubectl delete namespace sample-coherence-ns 2 Execute the following: kubectl config set-context $(kubectl config current-context) –namespace=sample-coherence-ns helm repo add coherence

Oracle SaaS Stories: Invoking a Service when an Entity is Created/Updated

In this episode we are explaining one of the many mechanisms for executing actions when changes happen in the Cloud App Environment. In this particular case, as an example, we are calling an external REST service hosted in a kubernetes cluster, that implements a counter. Every time we create or

Oracle SaaS Stories | Exporting Data to Cloud Object Storage with BI Cloud Extract Tool

Business Intelligence Cloud Extract is a tool that you can use to export data from Oracle SaaS. The tool is under /biacm service url, such as As the time of this writing the supported external storage repos are Oracle Cloud Object Storage “Classic” and UCM (Universal Content Manager. Fist

Oracle Loyalty Cloud | REST API | Get Service Requests of a Member + Update SR

The method for geting this info is under the Engagement REST API here. The call includes a parameter which is filtering by the Member Name as follows: curl -X GET -k -H ‘Authorization: Basic whatever’ -i ‘https://serverdomain/crmRestApi/resources/”menbernamehere”&onlyData=true’ Example: curl -X GET -k -H ‘Authorization: Basic am9ob……..DM3Mzg=’ -i ‘”ad pepelu”&onlyData=true’ {

WebLogic Kubernetes Operator: Deploying a Java App in a WebLogic Domain on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) in 30 Minutes

WebLogic Kubernetes Operator provides a way of running WLS domains in a k8s cluster. For this post we are depicting the steps of the tutorial you can find in the documentation here. So let’s get started! What you need: a k8s cluster kubectl maven git docker 60 minutes git clone

Shared Disk Seen by Pods Deployed in two Independent OKE Clusters across two Cloud Regions | Remote Network Peering

In this episode we are creating 2 independent OKE clusters, one in Frankfurt and the other in Phoenix, and then we will create a File System in Frankfurt (kind of NFS server) that will act as repository for a shared persistent volume reachable by all the pods of a deployment