Automating OIC Start/Stop with DevCS

As we explained before, OIC is one of the PaaS services that can be automated via Developer Cloud Service. Follow the steps explained here except for the build step in which we instruct OIC to start or stop with a slightly different keyword. In short, the syntax is: psm OICINST [start-service|stop-service] -s <servicename> Hope it […]


Oracle Integration Cloud | Integrating Applications Through Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that allows to automate the human-machine dialog. How many of you have seen end users working with several User Interface apps “at the same time”? The lack of integration between our systems and apps is because several reasons, such as failed IT implementations, niche, legacy or obsolete solutions, […]


Oracle SaaS Stories: Creating a Custom App Extension with Visual Builder | Part One: Connect Visual Builder to Fusion SaaS API Service Catalog

Visual Builder Cloud Service (aka VBCS), one of the 3 legs of Oracle Integration Cloud (aka OIC), is a low code development environment that is one of the main mechanisms for extending Oracle Fusion SaaS Apps. In this episode we are connecting VBCS to a SaaS instance, so we can get the different endpoints provided […]