Oracle Cloud ApplicAtions (SaaS) Some New Features in the Common Technologies and User Experience areas ADDED IN the 20C Release

Oracle Cloud Applications 20C has included several common new features to the whole stack pillars, that is, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and Customer Experience(CX)

New User Interface Experience

UI theme now has RedWood as the default theme. RedWood is new Oracle branding telling us how Oracle is changing and adapting to the future

BI Cloud Connector (formerly BI Cloud Extract): OTBI Independent Data Mode for Extraction

Oracle introduced in release 19C the independent data mode for extraction. The main point here is that the configurations for data extraction is not affected by changes in the internal data model (BIVOs) due to the evolution of the application. Now in 20C, all of the BIVOs have been updated to support the independent data mode.

In addition, the user interface for BI cloud Connector have been improved.

See my posts about BI Cloud Connector here

For more new features check here.

That’s all, hope it helps!

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