Zero loss of service, smoothly migration from Salesforce to Oracle Apps CX with Oracle Integration Cloud Salesforce Adapter plus helper technology tools such as an Autonomous Database, Data Integration and Object Storage

One of the big challenges regarding migrations is operational risk when moving from the old solution to the new one. Oracle Cloud provides technologies and tools that help reduce the risk to almost zero by leveraging patterns that allow the coexistence of both solutions during the migration phase, giving the alternative to deploy Oracle CX in tracks that can go live sequentially avoiding a big bang approach which typically sounds scaring.

Salesforce Adapter

Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides Salesforce Adapter, an bidirectional integration component that can be used for synchronisation between Salesforce and Oracle CX during the migration project, helping in the roll out of the different modules in CX by maintaining objects created in one side replicted in the other or vice versa.

With the adapter, we can catch CRUD operations events in both sides, creating/updating/deleting the corresponding entities as long as data is created in SalesForce or Oracle.

The pattern

Technology tools

Oracle Autonomous Database is a multi mode database that can store migration data extracted from SalesForce either in relational, JSON or full text indexed formats. The data is then converted from SF objects to Oracle CX objects and then is ingested in Oracle CX via import tools or in batches via OIC by means of integration mappings that, some of them, can be reused after the migration phase.

Data Integration is an Oracle Cloud service that provides easy of use tools for data transformation (ETL)

Object Storage provides a very low cost, high reliability for storage of temporary migration data. Files stored in Object Storage can be loaded into the Autonomous Database via external tables.

That’s all, hope it helps! 🙂


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