How to run RCU against an external database from within a temporary pod in an OKE cluster

We have an OKE cluster and a database outside the OKE which IP is reachable via the appropriate routing.

What we want to chase is to create RCU schemas in the database by running RCU from a pod.

The way to do it is by creating a service in the cluster with a ClusterIP and port(the database port) and then create and endpoint that “points” to the external database.


# use the following yaml as a starting point
# edit the yaml and put the ip and port of your database, and then
kubectl apply -f /k8s-database-service-proxy.yaml
# run rcu in a pod
kubectl run rcu --generator=run-pod/v1 --image javiermugueta/wls -- sleep infinity
# get logged into the pod
kubectl exec -ti rcu /bin/bash
# execute rcu (put the appropiate connect string)
/u01/oracle/oracle_common/bin/rcu -silent -createRepository -databaseType ORACLE -connectString database:1521/ -dbUser sys -dbRole sysdba -useSamePasswordForAllSchemaUsers true -selectDependentsForComponents true -schemaPrefix FMW1 -component MDS -component IAU -component IAU_APPEND -component IAU_VIEWER -component OPSS -component WLS -component STB
# exit the pod when finished
# delete the pod
kubectl delete pod rcu
# that's all

Hope it helps! 🙂

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