OCI script to create File System snapshots with a retention period

OCI File Storage provides network file system storage. One of its capabilities is the option to create snapshots.

In this post we are building a shell script that creates snapshots regularly and deletes those older than a specific number of days


Get the ocid of the file system you want to create snapshots for

Create an script like this

rm oci_fs_snapshot_with_retention.sh
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/javiermugueta/rawcontent/master/oci_fs_snapshot_with_retention.sh
chmod 700 oci_fs_snapshot_with_retention.sh
./oci_fs_snapshot_with_retention.sh $fs <retentionperiodindays>

Let’s see how it works by executing the script from DevCS

Job in DevCS
Result of job execution

That’s all folks, hope it helps and stay home! 🙂


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