oke-cluster-start-stop, a kubectl Plugin for starting/stopping all the Compute Nodes of an OKE Cluster

If you want to start or stop all of your OKE data plane cluster nodes you must go to all the nodes and execute the action one by one.

The current post depicts a kubectl plugin extension created for helping you to start/stop your oke clusters.

NOTES: The tool has been developed and tested in Mac. In addition the tool utilises jq which is installed automatically in case it is not.

Take a look at this github page for instructions and code. Here an example of the tool at work:

NOTE: The tool is gonna be submitted soon for approval in the krew-index (like a package manager for kubectl plugins), meanwhile you can install it locally as follows:

git clone https://github.com/javiermugueta/oke-cluster-start-stop.git
cd oke-cluster-start-stop
kubectl krew install --manifest=oke-cluster-start-stop.yaml --archive=oke-cluster-start-stop-1.0.0.zip

In addition you can execute the tool as a stand alone script as well.

Hope it helps! 🙂


Kubectl plugins developer guide

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