Automating OKE Clusters start/stop with DevCS

Reusing the work published here, here and here we are showing today how to schedule the start/stop sequence of an OKE cluster with Developer Cloud Service.

Start job

Create a build with the step as follows:

git clone
cd oke-cluster-start-stop
./ -r=<region> -c=<compartment> -k=<clustername> -o=start

The rest of steps pretty much equal to explained in posts mentioned.

Stop job

Create a new build step, for convenience you can copy from previous build.

For the shell step add the following:

git clone
cd oke-cluster-start-stop
./ -r=<region> -c=<compartment> -k=<clustername> -o=stop

And remember to change the periodic trigger!

That’s all folks, hope it helps! 🙂

NOTE: On 29/mar/2020 fixed bug as the script was not honoring the region parameter

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