WebLogic Kubernetes Operator: Deploying a Java App in a WebLogic Domain on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE) in 30 Minutes

WebLogic Kubernetes Operator provides a way of running WLS domains in a k8s cluster. For this post we are depicting the steps of the tutorial you can find in the documentation here. So let's get started! What you need: a k8s clusterkubectlmavengitdocker60 minutes git clone https://github.com/oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator docker login docker pull oracle/weblogic-kubernetes-operator:2.2.0 docker pull traefik:1.7.6 For [...]

Weblogic Kubernetes operator or how to run WebLogic​ clusters in k8s

There are lots of WebLogic clusters running around the globe every day. When you withdraw money in the ATM, buy lettuces in the supermarket or make a phone call there is a WebLogic server (and probably an Oracle database too) is executing some logic for you. Computing paradigms today tend to new standards and Kubernetes [...]