Oracle SaaS Stories: Creating a Custom App Extension with Visual Builder | Part One: Connect Visual Builder to Fusion SaaS API Service Catalog

Visual Builder Cloud Service (aka VBCS), one of the 3 legs of Oracle Integration Cloud (aka OIC), is a low code development environment that is one of the main mechanisms for extending Oracle Fusion SaaS Apps. In this episode we are connecting VBCS to a SaaS instance, so we can get the different endpoints provided […]


Oracle Loyalty Cloud | REST API | Get Service Requests of a Member + Update SR

The method for geting this info is under the Engagement REST API here. The call includes a parameter which is filtering by the Member Name as follows: curl -X GET -k -H ‘Authorization: Basic whatever’ -i ‘https://serverdomain/crmRestApi/resources/”menbernamehere”&onlyData=true’ Example: curl -X GET -k -H ‘Authorization: Basic am9ob……..DM3Mzg=’ -i ‘”ad pepelu”&onlyData=true’ {   “items” : [ { […]


Generate clients for your preferred programming language from Oracle Cloud REST API’s

Do you want to generate the client code needed for consuming some REST endpoint in your preferred programming language? Follow this steps: Locate the REST documentation you are interested in Click download icon Click Swagger button Select and copy the swagger code Go to Clear the editor Paste the clipboard content Accept the […]