ElasticSearch in Ravello in 30 minutes

Create an application in Ravello from a clone: I have two machines, k1 for elesticsearch (no ssh access), saltok for ssh with private key jump. Installers & instructions: ElasticSearch: https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch cerebro: https://github.com/lmenezes/cerebro fscrawler: https://github.com/dadoonet/fscrawler Configure and Start ElasticSearch: vi elasticsearch-6.0.0/config network.host: transport.host: localhost transport.tcp.port: 9300 elasticsearch-6.0.0/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install x-pack elasticsearch-6.0.0/bin/elasticsearch Crawl a website into a directory: wget –no-clobber […]


Ravello or How Can You Speed Up Provissioning Environments for Acceptance Testing, Q&A, certification, R&D and more…

I’m involved in a project for a big financial company. The solution is technologically complex integrating a bunch of technologies such as business intelligence, business processes modeling, reporting, documents, ldap, single sign on, identity federation, relational database, html/javascript/kquery/knockout… Initially, the solution was designed to be provisioned in Oracle Cloud because the timeline for the whole project was […]