Embedding Process Forms in your Applications


Process Forms are user interface data entry pages associated with (BPM) Processes built with Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). In OIC you can create:

  • Integrations, which are orchestrations steps that conform a business transaction that involves several subsistems
  • Processes, which are integrations that have user tasks (human-machine dialog)
  • Decision Models, which are mechanisms for creating decisions and rules such as Decision Tables, Expressions, If-Then-Else, Functions, Contexts, Relations and Lists
  • Visual Builder, which is a “low code (citizen programming)” visual HTML5/JavaScript/CSS3 development environment

Process Forms can be embedded in your customs applications easily, for that purpose you must first create and deploy a Process in OIC.



Once you have your Process Application deployed open a new bowser tab or window and type https://<urlbaseofyourOICinstance>/ic/pub/components

The Integration Cloud Embeddable Process UI Components is a web application that helps you compose the code needed for integrating the Process Form in your custom application.



Enjoy 😉