Oracle PaaS on the rebirth of integration buses in the cloud era: iPaaS | Oracle PaaS en el renacimiento de los buses de integraciĆ³n en la era cloud : Los iPaaS

English: Whatever the reason for migrating existing environments to the cloud, many born in the post-mainframe era, it is fair to recognize that, just as integration busses helped coexist in the migration of environments when the model of commercial ERPs and CRMs in the last decade, the same happens now in the move to the […]


Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service: The beginning of the end of a programming era

Visual programming in client/server technologies emerged more or less 25 years ago with an important degree of success, but the advent of web technologies pushed them to the background. But web technologies have been always evolving/changing with several different approaches such as java, html, struts, sprign, hibernate, javascript, jsf, adf,… Nowadays the emerging of dozens […]