!csUnableToSetClientConfiguration !csUserInsufficientAccess, wccadmin

Installing wcc 12.2.1 in Solaris Sparc 11.3 for a gas pipeline operator, when I first tested server:port/wcc url I get this error in WCCADF managed server log:

oracle.wcc.adf.model.WccException: JBO-29114 ADFContext is not setup to process 
messages for this exception. Use the exception stack trace and error code to 
investigate the root cause of this exception. Root cause error code is WCC-ADF-12418. 
Error message parameters are {0=wccadmin} 
at oracle.wcc.adf.model.WccException.getExceptionWithResponseData(WccException.java:657)

And this one in UCM managed server log:

<Jan 28, 2016 12:39:43 AM CET> <Error> <oracle.ucm.idccs> <UCM-CS-000001> <general 
exception intradoc.common.ServiceException: 
at intradoc.server.ServiceRequestImplementor.buildServiceException(ServiceRequestImplementor.java:2220)

This solution worked for me:

Added wccadmin user to security realm (this is a fresh installation with default authenticator so far).