Pushing a Container to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR) and Pulling it from OKE

OCIR is a Docker v2 compliant private registry provided by Oracle in their OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) offering. Let’s have a look at it. First log in to the repository this way: docker login <region-code>.ocir.io, where <region-code> is documented here. Then, you’ll need a user/password. For the user, provide an existing

Deploying an Oracle Database with Persistence in Oracle Kubernetes Engine

UPDATE: Follow this post for the deployment part, as it has been updated, the rest of the content is still valid, thanks. Today we are deploying an Oracle database instance in a K8s cluster making them persistent so that data is not lost after container/pod restarts. Please follow this link

Installing Jenkins X on Oracle Kubernetes Engine (aka OKE)

First, install this tool in local: brew tap jenkins-x/jx brew install jx Check here for installing the tool in other OS’s than MAC. And now issue this command to deploy on the k8s cluster of the oracle provider (oke): jx install –provider=oke Follow instructions and  command prompts and you’ll get them’all

Install Zookeeper in Oracle Kubernetes Engine aka OKE ;-) in 20 minutes

If you don’t have one, first create a cluster. In the last version of the dashboard, you can find a new “QUICK CREATE” option that creates all the stuff from scratch easily. Install helm following this link or in mac issue the following command: brew install helm Configure access to