Building Producer and Consumer Clients in go Language for Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service

CREATE AN OEH CLUSTER Documentation here or watch following video: When the cluster is created, go to details page and grab the connection url, which has the ¬†format <broker1_ip>:6667,…,<brokern_ip>:6667 CREATE A TOPIC INSTALL THE LIB I’ve done the following (Mac): git clone cd librdkafka ./configure –prefix /usr/local make sudo make install (sudo make uninstall […]


Creating a Fast&Simple Container for Sending Messages to a Topic in Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service (aka OEHCS, which is a Kafka cluster) and Deploying it to Kubernetes Cluster

The container uses 4 environment variables, you can find a container already built for you¬†here SOURCE CODE OF THE PRODUCER var sleep = require(‘system-sleep’); const oehcs_connect_url = process.env.OEHCS_CONNECTURL const topic_name = process.env.TOPIC_NAME const num_partitions = process.env.NUM_PARTITIONS const message = process.env.MESSAGE var kafka = require(‘kafka-node’), HighLevelProducer = kafka.HighLevelProducer, client = new kafka.KafkaClient({kafkaHost: oehcs_connect_url}), producer = new […]