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Scheduling with Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) the Start/Stop Sequence of an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Instance

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is a CI/CD environment provided by Oracle for cloud customers. It is almost free, you only pay for the storage and the compute utilised when jobs are run. Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is a powerful and proactive reporting tool. Builds Builds are the well known

Pipelines in Oracle Developer Cloud Service (aka DevCS)

Latest releases of DevCS now provides several new features, one of them is pipelines. In short, pipelines are graphs of steps that can be executed in a more controlled manner. In our use case, we are leveraging pipelines for starting and stopping cloud services that are dependent between them, such as

Oracle IdCS Tips Part II: Simple Workflow for Creating Registered Users in IdCS with Node.js

In this post we explained how to create users in IdCS with the REST API. Typically you would like to put an approval process in between, here we explain a simple solution for those use cases where you don’t have or don’t want to put in the picture other pieces

Oracle Developer Cloud Service Local Maven Repository and Oracle Maven Repository

If your project utilizes Oracle libraries you can configure Oracle Maven repository under Configure Buil Job|Environment with your OTN credentials. If your project utilizes other Oracle libraries you can upload them to the project’s local Maven reposository. In additio must update your pom with references to the local maven repo