Oracle BPM 12.2.1 | BPM with DBadapter | Error deploying archive sca_XXXX.jar to partition “yyyyy” on server ZZZZZZ [http://server:port] HTTP error code returned [500]

Hi, When deploying BPM artifact that utilizes DBAdapter created with Database Adapter Creator Wizard, take care about the JNDI name that the “Browse JNDI tree” magnifying glass tool retrieves, because the name must match case sensitive the name configured in the Deployments>DBAdapter>Configuration>Outgoing Connections Pool>”Connection Name”: Otherwise you’ll get a deployment error: [11:09:32 PM] —-  Deployment […]


BPM12c WorkSpace: FlexyFields for Custom Views

With Fexy Fileds you can configure custom views (filtering tasks list shown with flexy fields values criteria) as well as show business data related with human tasks. STEPS Create HumanTask Data variables: Assign process data to HumanTask variables: Deploy and create instances. Configure BPM WorkSpace FleyFields: Configure WorkSpace Views: Administrator can create custom views for […]