Mobile Black Box Part 3 : iOS App coded in Swift 3

 The last part of our IoT invention is the iOS App. The user interface looks like this: This App was created utilizing the IoT client library for iOS located here. This library encapsulates the REST services that IoT exposes. The App is a Single View Application. In ViewController.swift we use the following code: Device data:       […]


The Inventions of Dr. Franz from Copenhagen | Oracle IoT Cloud Service Use Cases: Mobile Black Box Part 1

IoT is sometimes a commonly hackneyed word, the new paradigm for many things. In this post series we’ll try to find several practical IoT application use cases. This is inspired in “Los Inventos del Profesor Franz de Copenague” TBO* just in case the ideas shown here were below expectations… therefore consider the lack of originality/novelty in the inventions as […]