Oracle Kubernetes (OKE): Deploying a Custom Node.js Web Application Integrated with Identity Cloud Service for Unique Single Sign On (SSO) User Experience

In this post we are deploying a custom Node.js web application in Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE). What we want to show is how to configure the custom web application in order to have a unique Single Sing On experience. First part Follow this tutorial here explaining how to enable SSO to the web app running locally Second […]


Oracle IdCS Tips Part I: Create Users Programatically in Node.js for Oracle Cloud Services with the REST API in less than a Basketball Quarter Length

Oracle Cloud provides Identity Cloud Services (IdCS) as the identity provider (and more) for all the cloud services offered in the stack. STEP ONE Ask your identity administrator to create a trusted application in IdCS with the settings as shown in the following screenshots: STEP TWO Ask your IdCS administrator for the ClientID and secret […]


Enabling MFA (multi factor authentication) for Oracle Cloud accounts in less than 15 minutes

MFA is provided out of the box for all the new cloud accounts purchases. Let’s have a look at it: Part A | configure the cloud side: Goto Oracle Cloud login ( Login as administrator in your account (“classic” accounts doesn’t have this functionality available) Go to identity console, Security tab Select MFA and configure […]