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Almost every cloud should have its (i)PaaS

If you more or less agree with what I say here, is clear that one of the approaches for connecting several cloud and on-premises eco-systems is by means of an iPaaS or integration hub (iHub).


As an analogy, think about how you connect different physical systems by means of a communication stack (router, switch, …). The same way, an iPaaS is a virtual hub where you plug/unplug your subsystems as they appear/disappear in your complete IT stack.

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The future cloud for the enterprise: hybrid and multi-provider

One year ago I wrote a blog talking about hybrid/multi-vendor cloud. Today I repeat the same, cloud is gonna be a kind of a new ingredient for IT, I mean, there will be use cases where cloud replaces the legacy but there are many other situations where clouds are (only) a part of the whole thing.

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