Automating OKE Clusters start/stop with DevCS

Reusing the work published here, here and here we are showing today how to schedule the start/stop sequence of an OKE cluster with Developer Cloud Service. Start job Create a build with the step as follows: git clone cd oke-cluster-start-stop ./ -r=<region> -c=<compartment> -k=<clustername> -o=start The rest of steps pretty much equal to explained […]


Automating OIC Start/Stop with DevCS

As we explained before, OIC is one of the PaaS services that can be automated via Developer Cloud Service. Follow the steps explained here except for the build step in which we instruct OIC to start or stop with a slightly different keyword. In short, the syntax is: psm OICINST [start-service|stop-service] -s <servicename> Hope it […]