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Implementing Deploy Steps in DevCS Builds

Classic approach for deploying artefacts to Oracle Cloud Java and Application Container instances was utilising “Deployments”: There is a new option, now you can made deploys in build steps. For doing that you must first create an “Environment”, watch this video to see how: After that, go to one of your builds and add an […]


Move Developer Cloud Service Project Between Environments in 15 Minutes

The idea here is how to move your CI/CD environment from one environment to another, for instance from presales to delivery. Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is an CI/CD environment included at no extra cost in your Pass subcription providing git repo, maven repo, wiki, build automation (Hudson/Jenkins), deployment automation, webhooks, issues-agile-scrum-camban dashboard, merges, … What […]


Push project to Oracle Developer Cloud Service

Create a new project in DevCS or add a new repo to an existing project and get the repository url (ssh or https), for example: Now in your local machine: cd <yourworkingdirectory> git init test cd test git remote add cloud git remote -v git pull cloud master cp -r ../scfcot/* . (copy source code […]