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Integrating DevCS Notifications with Slack Using WebHooks

One interesting thing regarding CI and DevOps is the ability to be notified when things happen without the need to log in a web app every hour and see what happened.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS -a CI/DevOps tool from Oracle Cloud-) can be configured to send notifications to several channels, one of them is slack:

Let’s have a look how to configure it.

Slack Side Configuration

Ask our slack administrators to allow you install “Incoming Webhooks” app

Once you are allowed, install and configure “Incoming Webhooks”, selecting the slack channel you want the notifications to be sent to, name icon, attachments and the like. Finally, grab the Webhook URL for later.

DevCS Side Configuration

Go to DecCS, select a project and go to Administration/Webhooks

Create a new Webhook. Put in the field URL the url created in the slack configuration side and subscribe to the kind notifications you are interested in and clink on [Save]:

Click on [Test] button and verify a test message reaches the slack channel:

Now launch a build, create/edit an announcement or do whatever task that generates notifications and verify the notification reaches the channel:

That’s all, hope it helps! 🙂

Implementing Deploy Steps in DevCS Builds

Classic approach for deploying artefacts to Oracle Cloud Java and Application Container instances was utilising “Deployments”:


There is a new option, now you can made deploys in build steps.

For doing that you must first create an “Environment”, watch this video to see how:


After that, go to one of your builds and add an “Oracle Deployment” step:


Now put the correct values the same way you did in the “classic” deployment, for example this is a setup for an ACCS deployment:


And that’s all, you are done!

Last but not least, remember that you can get benefit of the PIPELINES feature and create visual workflows of steps of any king (compile, test, deploy,..)


Hope it helps! 🙂


Moving Git Repo from DevCS “classic”to DevCS OCI (in fact you can import whatever git repository you have access to)

I recommend moving to the DevCS OCI “flavour”, it has many advantages. Fortunately is easy to import the repos.

First, click on [+Create Repository]


Second, provide the information coming from the old repo, and click [Create] and in a better of seconds it is imported and you are done!


Hope it helps! 🙂



Move Developer Cloud Service Project Between Environments in 15 Minutes

The idea here is how to move your CI/CD environment from one environment to another, for instance from presales to delivery.

Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is an CI/CD environment included at no extra cost in your Pass subcription providing git repo, maven repo, wiki, build automation (Hudson/Jenkins), deployment automation, webhooks, issues-agile-scrum-camban dashboard, merges, …

What you need

  1. A destination cloud (Oracle) domain
  2. An Object Storage Container either in the origin domain or in the destination one


Origin DevCS (Export)

  1. Go to import/export in the origin DevCS
  2. Configure connection to an Storage Container either in origin or in destination and click [Connect] button
  3. Configure export job section after successful connection, click [Export] button and accept popup confirmation dialog
  4. After successful export you can see result in History tab section


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Destination DevCS (Import)

  1. Create a new project in destination DevCS. This is very important step!!!!
  2. Select the new create project, go to the Export/Import section and create a connection as in the first step of the previous section
  3. Click [Connect]
  4. Configure Import Job
  5. Click [Import]
  6. Accept the confirmation dialog and double check you are importing in the correct project because all the information will be overwrite*

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(*) Just in case you make a mistake and you import over an existing non empty project (as it happened to me), click on cancel as soon as posible!!, hopefully the import job will be rolled back and your original project wont be damaged.


Enjoy 😉




Push project to Oracle Developer Cloud Service

Create a new project in DevCS or add a new repo to an existing project and get the repository url (ssh or https), for example: https://javier.mugueta%40oracle.com@developer.em2.oraclecloud.com/developerxxxx/s/developerxxxxxx_prueba_5401/scm/prueba.git

Now in your local machine:

cd <yourworkingdirectory>
git init test
cd test
git remote add cloud https://javier.mugueta%40oracle.com@developer.em2.oraclecloud.com/developerxxxx/s/developerxxxxxx_prueba_5401/scm/prueba.git
git remote -v
git pull cloud master 
cp -r ../scfcot/* . (copy source code here)
git add *
git commit -m "ala!!"
git push cloud master

Enjoy 😉