Offloading Oracle Data to Object Storage and Mounting as External Table in an Autonomous Database | Part One: Azure Object Storage

Oracle autonomous database (ADW/ATP) offers several approaches for storing the data: data online stored in the database internal storage data nearline as external tables in object storage data offline in object storage The autonomous database supports object storage provided by Oracle OCI, Amazon S3 and Azure, with them you can create external tables, external partitioned […]


Oracle Autonomous Database: Configuring SQL Developer Web Access for Database Users

Connect to SQL Developer Web as admin user Create a new user, give privileges quotas and the like… create user MYUSER identified by “xxxxxxxxx”; grant connect to MYUSER; GRANT DWROLE TO MYUSER; execute DBMS_CLOUD_ADMIN.GRANT_TABLESPACE_QUOTA(‘MYUSER’,’1G’); BEGIN ORDS_ADMIN.ENABLE_SCHEMA(p_enabled => TRUE,p_schema => ‘MYUSER’, p_url_mapping_type => ‘BASE_PATH’, p_url_mapping_pattern =>’MYUSER’, p_auto_rest_auth => TRUE); COMMIT; END; / Copy the link of […]