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IPSec tunnel between my office and the cloud

My purpose is tunneling my office with the cloud utilizing ipsec. I will provision a gateway machine in the cloud running openswan, in my office I am using pfsense. In my cloud gateway vm image: [root@gtw ~]#yum install openswan (if it isn’t already) [root@gtw ~]#vi /etc/ipsec.d/myconn config setup        nat_traversal=yes        oe=off        protostack=netkey        […]


Improve your WEBServices Consumer Apps Making WS Invocations in Parallel

If your application is calling several WS and there is no need to do it in serial, you can implement a multithreaded approach: Example: … Class1Service class1Service = new Class1Service();         x = class1Service.getClass1Port();         setWSTimeout(x); // esto lo veremos en la siguiente seccion         class Task implements Callable<Object> {              private Object result;              […]


WebLogic SingletonService for High Availability Scenarios: Create Logic that Runs Only in One Node of a Cluster at a Time and Fails Over Other Cluster Node when Things go Wrong or Maintenance is Needed

I recently visited a Package Delivery Company Customer (SxxR) who needed to implement a logic consisting in a background thread scanning continuously a shared directory containing acknowledgement of receipts of shipments files that must be processed and then passed to another stage. How can we make this logic HA? The answer is SingletonService: runs only […]