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WCPortal 12c Quick Review

Improved Portal Browser with Alta UI Best Intuitive User Interface, drag&drop, more options Jdev 12.2.1 Skin Editor Easy Publication of Changes per Page Edit In Place Portal Example  Created with a few Clicks:    

Fusion Middleware Control UI Evolution

12.1.2 12.2.1

IPSec tunnel between my office and the cloud

My purpose is tunneling my office with the cloud utilizing ipsec. I will provision a gateway machine in the cloud running openswan, in my office I am using pfsense. In my cloud gateway vm image: [root@gtw ~]#yum install openswan (if it isn’t already) [root@gtw ~]#vi /etc/ipsec.d/myconn config setup        nat_traversal=yes

Continuous Integration with Oracle Developer Cloud Service

working… 😉

Configure Audit Vault in DbCS


Hybrid Cloud Integration Pattern


Improve your WEBServices Consumer Apps Making WS Invocations in Parallel

If your application is calling several WS and there is no need to do it in serial, you can implement a multithreaded approach: Example: … Class1Service class1Service = new Class1Service();         x = class1Service.getClass1Port();         setWSTimeout(x); // esto lo veremos en la siguiente seccion         class Task implements Callable<Object> {