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Improve your WEBServices Consumer Apps Making WS Invocations in Parallel

If your application is calling several WS and there is no need to do it in serial, you can implement a multithreaded approach: Example: … Class1Service class1Service = new Class1Service();         x = class1Service.getClass1Port();         setWSTimeout(x); // esto lo veremos en la siguiente seccion         class Task implements Callable<Object> {              private Object result;              […]


Limit Load in your Applications Configuring Oracle Traffic Director in Java Cloud Service

Every instance of JCS (Oracle Java Cloud Service) can be provisioned with OTD (Oracle Traffic Director). Oracle Traffic Director is a software load balancer that runs inside OPC (Oracle Public Cloud) or Oracle Engineered Systems such as SuperCluster or Exalogic. Having a LBR “inside” provides internal balancing mechanism avoiding the loss of performance and configuration complexity […]


The Green and Gamificated Gym in the BigData, Complex Event Processing and Internet of Things Era

Gamification (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamification) can help have a heatlthy life in a green world. In an spinning session every person is producing a power in a range of 100 to 250 or more Watts (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt). At the same time they are producing heat that increases the temperature of the room that must be cooled properly with the air […]


WebLogic SingletonService for High Availability Scenarios: Create Logic that Runs Only in One Node of a Cluster at a Time and Fails Over Other Cluster Node when Things go Wrong or Maintenance is Needed

I recently visited a Package Delivery Company Customer (SxxR) who needed to implement a logic consisting in a background thread scanning continuously a shared directory containing acknowledgement of receipts of shipments files that must be processed and then passed to another stage. How can we make this logic HA? The answer is SingletonService: runs only […]