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OTD in FMW 12.2.1

Now in FMW version 12.2.1 Oracle Traffic Director (OTD) is integrated with Entreprise Manager. OTD is a software balancer solution included in ExaLogic and Oracle Public Cloud PaaS offering such as JCS, SOACS, … OTD allows internal load balancing between different FMW components such as OSB, BPM, WCP, WCC, MFT, … without the need to […]


Q: Where does the 5000ms timeout come from when I get “process(Lweblogic.cluster.messaging.internal.ClusterMessage;) timed out after: 5000ms..”?

And we said: The 5000ms is the currently default value for DatabaseLessLeasingBasisMBean.MessageDeliveryTimeout mbean propety. This is the stack trace generated by a weblogic managed server leader in a cluster defined with consensus migration in wich another cluster node probably died (or was very busy): Apr 25, 2016 10:47:42 AM CEST> <Warning> <RJVM> <BEA-000573> <RequestTimeout for […]


Securing some parts of a WebApp in WebLogic

These are the steps to protect some urls of a web application deployed in WebLogic: AUTHENTICATION PROVIDERS Create appropiate authentication provider configuration. Restart WebLogic AdminServer and check that you are getting users, groups and user/groups membership from the external ldap repository DEPLOYMENT DESCRIPTORS Supose: You have a group in LDAP called extranetgroup. User joe belongs […]


ApacheDS, user groups membership and WebLogic

In ApacheDS, the ldap search for getting the group names a user (for instance cn=juan,ou=usuarios,0=acmecorp) belongs to is as follows: (& (objectClass=groupofuniquenames) (uniqueMember=,, ) In weblogic, for the supported ldap auth providers, the user membership configuration pattern setting is: (&(<someattribute>=%M)(objectclass=<someobjectclass>)) Therefore a custom authenticator provider is needed in order to get it working. Enjoy 😉 […]


Oracle BPM 12.2.1 | BPM with DBadapter | Error deploying archive sca_XXXX.jar to partition “yyyyy” on server ZZZZZZ [http://server:port] HTTP error code returned [500]

Hi, When deploying BPM artifact that utilizes DBAdapter created with Database Adapter Creator Wizard, take care about the JNDI name that the “Browse JNDI tree” magnifying glass tool retrieves, because the name must match case sensitive the name configured in the Deployments>DBAdapter>Configuration>Outgoing Connections Pool>”Connection Name”: Otherwise you’ll get a deployment error: [11:09:32 PM] —-  Deployment […]