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Thoughts regarding performance

Concepts Response time Throughtput Performance Mutithreaded cores(Intel) behavior Let’s say we have a socket processor with c cores and t physical threads per core. How can I get the best response time for the software running? The best response time you can get is when you utilize only the first thread of a mutithreaded core, […]


Cloud Chronicles :: Is Cloud Adoption a Shadow IT Catalyst?

25 years ago Microsoft quickly expanded Visual Basic because the relative ease for building windows applications. I remember the problems that visual basic controls was producing in the corporate desktop computers of big companies because the incompatibilities beetween applications installed, most of them visual basic applications adquired directly by departaments. After that a more strong centralized approach emerged […]


“Smart” Circuit Breaker Pattern

Intro The idea of this post is to provide a pattern that helps improve the performance of a complex information system that has very high cpu consumption and processing times. This pattern allows: Maximize system capacity allowing less DoS Reduce the number of long running requests Keep system more stable Normal circuit breaker user case […]


Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service: The beginning of the end of a programming era

Visual programming in client/server technologies emerged more or less 25 years ago with an important degree of success, but the advent of web technologies pushed them to the background. But web technologies have been always evolving/changing with several different approaches such as java, html, struts, sprign, hibernate, javascript, jsf, adf,… Nowadays the emerging of dozens […]


Why IT projects fail?

Just google the question and you’ll find some interesting articles, here is my contribution: “Customers trying to ITficate a constantly-changing business need by adquiring a sometimes oversold bunch of inmature, constantly-evolving technology not always-correctly undeerstood by stakeholders/end users, starting an optimistic underbudgeted short term project executed by teams lacking leadership/global vission, no clear/precise technical direction, […]