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Push project to Oracle Developer Cloud Service

Create a new project in DevCS or add a new repo to an existing project and get the repository url (ssh or https), for example: https://javier.mugueta%40oracle.com@developer.em2.oraclecloud.com/developerxxxx/s/developerxxxxxx_prueba_5401/scm/prueba.git Now in your local machine: cd <yourworkingdirectory> git init test cd test git remote add cloud https://javier.mugueta%40oracle.com@developer.em2.oraclecloud.com/developerxxxx/s/developerxxxxxx_prueba_5401/scm/prueba.git git remote -v git pull cloud master cp -r ../scfcot/* . (copy source code […]


Mobile Black Box Part 3 : iOS App coded in Swift 3

 The last part of our IoT invention is the iOS App. The user interface looks like this: This App was created utilizing the IoT client library for iOS located here. This library encapsulates the REST services that IoT exposes. The App is a Single View Application. In ViewController.swift we use the following code: Device data:       […]


The Inventions of Dr. Franz from Copenhagen | Oracle IoT Cloud Service Use Cases: Mobile Black Box Part 1

IoT is sometimes a commonly hackneyed word, the new paradigm for many things. In this post series we’ll try to find several practical IoT application use cases. This is inspired in “Los Inventos del Profesor Franz de Copenague” TBO* just in case the ideas shown here were below expectations… therefore consider the lack of originality/novelty in the inventions as […]


Embed/Integrate Oracle Content&Experience Cloud Service in your web/mobile apps

Oracle Content & Experience Cloud (formerly Documents Cloud + Sites Cloud) is a very productive, secure and ease to use set of tools for managing content and documents from anywhere with multiple devices putting all the data synced and kept safe in a centralized repository. Today I’m gonna show you how easy is to integrate a Documents visual component in your apps. […]


Thoughts regarding performance

Concepts Response time Throughtput Performance Mutithreaded cores(Intel) behavior Let’s say we have a socket processor with c cores and t physical threads per core. How can I get the best response time for the software running? The best response time you can get is when you utilize only the first thread of a mutithreaded core, […]


Cloud Chronicles :: Is Cloud Adoption a Shadow IT Catalyst?

25 years ago Microsoft quickly expanded Visual Basic because the relative ease for building windows applications. I remember the problems that visual basic controls was producing in the corporate desktop computers of big companies because the incompatibilities beetween applications installed, most of them visual basic applications adquired directly by departaments. After that a more strong centralized approach emerged […]