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DBCS ( Automatic and on-demand Backup Fail

SYMTHOMS Automatic backups are not performed Backups fail either launched manually from Oracle Database Cloud Service page or from rman command line: RMAN> connect target connected to target database: ORCL (DBID=1502300872) using target database control file instead of recovery catalog RMAN> backup device type sbt current controlfile; Starting backup at 04-MAY-18 RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00569: =============== […]


Oracle IdCS Tips Part I: Create Users Programatically in Node.js for Oracle Cloud Services with the REST API in less than a Basketball Quarter Length

Oracle Cloud provides Identity Cloud Services (IdCS) as the identity provider (and more) for all the cloud services offered in the stack. STEP ONE Ask your identity administrator to create a trusted application in IdCS with the settings as shown in the following screenshots: STEP TWO Ask your IdCS administrator for the ClientID and secret […]


Move Developer Cloud Service Project Between Environments in 15 Minutes

The idea here is how to move your CI/CD environment from one environment to another, for instance from presales to delivery. Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) is an CI/CD environment included at no extra cost in your Pass subcription providing git repo, maven repo, wiki, build automation (Hudson/Jenkins), deployment automation, webhooks, issues-agile-scrum-camban dashboard, merges, … What […]


Generate clients for your preferred programming language from Oracle Cloud REST API’s

Do you want to generate the client code needed for consuming some REST endpoint in your preferred programming language? Follow this steps: Locate the REST documentation you are interested in docs.oracle.com Click download icon Click Swagger button Select and copy the swagger code Go to editor.swagger.io Clear the editor Paste the clipboard content Accept the […]