Installing 5G core in an Oracle Cloud Kubernetes cluster enhanced with Verrazzano

Create a namespace:

kubectl create namespace open5gs

Enable Istio sidecar injection in ns using Rancher UI:

Or using kubectl:

kubectl label namespace open5gs istio-injection=enabled 

Now execute the following:

kubens open5gs

helm repo add openverso

helm install open5gs openverso/open5gs --version 2.0.8 --values 

Wait for the stuff to be created:

Let’s see if we can open up the webui, execute the following:

kubectl port-forward svc/open5gs-webui 3000:3000

And open localhost:3000 in you browser (admin/1423):

WebUI login page

Webui shows the 2 subscribers created on deployment:

The two subscribers already created

Now open Kiali and take a look to the graph, the 5g network functions are comunicating with the network repository.

Now, let’s continue deploying the RAN emulation:

helm install ueransim-gnb openverso/ueransim-gnb --version 0.2.2 --values
ueransim-gnb successfully installed!
Check gnodeb log with:

kubectl -n open5gs1 logs deployment/ueransim-gnb

You have also deployed 2 ues. You can enter ues terminal with:

kubectl -n open5gs1 exec -ti deployment/ueransim-gnb-ues -- /bin/bash

There is a tun interface for each ue. 
You can bind your application to the interface to test ue connectivity.

ping -I uesimtun0
traceroute -i uesimtun0
curl --interface uesimtun0 

You can also deploy more ues connected to this gnodeb with openverso/ueransim-ues chart:

helm install -n open5gs1 ueransim-ues openverso/ueransim-ues --set gnb.hostname=ueransim-gnb

As we can see gNodeB and pod emulating UE’s are already deployed:

kubectl -n open5gs1 logs deployment/ueransim-gnb
kubectl -n open5gs1 exec -ti deployment/ueransim-gnb-ues -- /bin/bash
bash-5.1# ./ 
Usage : ./ [gnb|ue]
bash-5.1# ./ ue
Launching ue: nr-ue -c ue.yaml
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.195] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [MM-DEREGISTERED/PLMN-SEARCH]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.196] [rrc] [debug] New signal detected for cell[1], total [1] cells in coverage
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.197] [nas] [info] Selected plmn[999/70]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.197] [rrc] [info] Selected cell plmn[999/70] tac[1] category[SUITABLE]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.197] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [MM-DEREGISTERED/PS]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.197] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [MM-DEREGISTERED/NORMAL-SERVICE]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.197] [nas] [debug] Initial registration required due to [MM-DEREG-NORMAL-SERVICE]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.201] [nas] [debug] UAC access attempt is allowed for identity[0], category[MO_sig]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.201] [nas] [debug] Sending Initial Registration
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.202] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [MM-REGISTER-INITIATED]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.202] [rrc] [debug] Sending RRC Setup Request
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.203] [rrc] [info] RRC connection established
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.203] [rrc] [info] UE switches to state [RRC-CONNECTED]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.203] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [CM-CONNECTED]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.223] [nas] [debug] Authentication Request received
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.230] [nas] [debug] Security Mode Command received
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.230] [nas] [debug] Selected integrity[2] ciphering[0]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [debug] Registration accept received
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [MM-REGISTERED/NORMAL-SERVICE]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [debug] Sending Registration Complete
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [info] Initial Registration is successful
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [debug] Sending PDU Session Establishment Request
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.247] [nas] [debug] UAC access attempt is allowed for identity[0], category[MO_sig]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.452] [nas] [debug] Configuration Update Command received
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.485] [nas] [debug] PDU Session Establishment Accept received
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.485] [nas] [info] PDU Session establishment is successful PSI[1]
[2023-05-22 09:00:15.504] [app] [info] Connection setup for PDU session[1] is successful, TUN interface[uesimtun2,] is up.
[2023-05-22 09:01:16.364] [rrc] [debug] RRC Release received
[2023-05-22 09:01:16.364] [nas] [info] UE switches to state [CM-IDLE]

That’s all, hope it helps!! 🙂

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