High PV production/export to the grid: Criteria/discussions for choosing which Tesla EV model should I buy once my current smoky car’s lease ends in my journey to zero carbon footprint


As the climate getting more and more sunny and hot, I am returning to the grid a lot of energy that, instead of selling to the electricity company at very low price, I can use to reduce my carbon footprint indeed more than now:

Monthly generation and estimates. In summer 2022 I set my inverter to stop exporting, that’s the reason for the bump in the graph. Please note the huge production anomaly in march /2023 and also April (5 days of production not recorded)
NOTE: April 2023 lacks production of 5 sunny days because a problem in my inverter. In addition, the home assistant energy import utility meter does not calculate the Rieman integral well when energy imported has very short peaks
The data that the distrubutor provides regarding real import and expor balance for the current 2023 year

Since I installed in November 2021 my PV system (5,4 KW peak solar panels plus 10KWh batteries) I heat and cool my house almost only with electricity, thanks to electrical heaters and the HVAC system. Only for very few cool days I have firewood to be burned in the fireplace (I bought 2 tons in October/22 and still keep more than a half of them). Recently I have increased the batteries capacity to 20KWh.

I’ve been watching lots of youtube videos about different EV cars brands and models and, at this moment my option is Tesla, maybe I’ll change my mind in the coming months depending on how the market develops…


Data as of 12th may 2023 18h29min. The least score is the best:


Most likely decision for now is gonna be Model 3 LR… unless Alfa Romeo have an electric Stelvio ready to sell at competitive (difficult to get) price ( around 2027 they say…)

Photo by Auto Records on Pexels.com


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