Sending sensor data to Oracle Cloud with LoRaWan RAK Wireless and The Things Network | PART ONE


This is the first post o a series of maybe 4 or five episodes in which we are designing, building, deploying and testing a complete IoT solution based in LoRaWan technologies and services and the Oracle Cloud Infraestructure offering.


RAK Developer Kit one of the kits offered by the rich RAK Wireless portfolio

One of the RAK developement kits availables to be purchased online

OCI account in which we’ll use the following services:

  • OKE + OCIR
  • Object Storage
  • Service Connector Hub
  • Autonomous Database
  • Analytics Cloud
  • OCI Streaming

The Things Network account created

Arduino IDE


The architecture has 3 main bloks:

  • Cloud provider: Oracle Cloud Infraestructure
  • LoRAWan Network Server: The Things network or TTN
  • Sensors and LoRAWan devices/gateways: Provided by RAK Wireless


Sensors are plugged into a module that broadcast data over LoRaWan radio band (low consumption long distance). LoRa gateways are devices listening on LoRa radio band and sending the data via internet to Network Servers (internet services that collects the data and can integrate with 3rd party solutions). In our case we use RAK as endpoint devices and gateways and TTN as the network server. TTN provides an integrration with MQTT, storing the data received in topics.

In the OCI side we have a OKE kuebrnetes cluster with several running pods of a mqtt to OCI Kafka Streaming converter that reads data from MQTT topics and inserts in OCI Streaming topics. Then a Servicce Hub Connector reads data from OCI Streaming topics and stores in Objecct Storage buckets. Data in object storage is processed by Oracle Autonomous database and elaborated to be analysed by Analytics Cloud tool.

That’s all for now, in the next episode we’ll set up the RAK Developer Kit 2 (Weather Kit). Hope it helps!!! 🙂

RAK Wiireless Offerring here


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