ASIC miner heater | Making crypto mining sustainable zero carbon footprint but still profitable using old miners and solar power

Crypto mining profit depends on electricity cost. In some countries mining is not profitable today by using old miners, but we can give a second life to them. Let’s see how.

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antminer s9

According to here, this ASIC, at the cost of electricity I pay as of today (0.21€/Kwh), it is not profitable.

The power of this device is aproximately 1400wats, which is more or less the power to heat a typical room in the winter.

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In addition, I have a solar system. Its total cost was aprox 8000€ and is expected to poducce 8Mwh/year, that is, considering 15 years of lifetime, the cost per Kwh is aprox 0.07€/Kwh, hence with this numbers, the daily profit is 0.46€, as we can show below.

Anyway, as solar power is only available about 8 hours per day, the idea here is to have the miners working only the third part od the day in order to make the solution sustainable. Therefore the profit per day is 0.15 €/day, that is, around 56€/year per miner.


Once we can consider the approach profitable, it is interesting to know how to implement it. Fortunately I have found a guy who has put it into practice here.

That’s all folks, hope this helps!!!

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