Creating a private link between OCI and Azure in less that 33 minutes: part one

OCI and Azure provides a unique capability to create private links between both clouds that can be enabled quickly and easily.

At the moment of this post the regions available are the following:

We are explaining in this post how to create the connection and in later posts we’ll explain how to configure a sql client in a public VM on Azure that executes queries against an Autonomous Database in OCI side.


Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG)Virtual Network Gateway
Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)Virtual Network (VNET)

Step one: Go to Azure portal and create an Expressroute

In [Region] select a region in which Oracle and Azure have this capability enabled today, like UK South

In the configuration step select the following. For the bandwidth select the appropriate value according with your needs.

Verify your inputs and click create.

Wait until the deployment is complete

Grab the Correlation ID for later configuration in OCI side.

Stepe two: Go to OCI portal and create a VCN, DRG, route rule and FastcCnnect circuit

First create the virtual cloud network (VCN)

Create a Dynamic Routing Gateway

When DRG is created, attach the created VCN to it

Now, create a FastConnect Connection

Select Connection Type “FastConnect Partner” and Microsoft Azure: ExpressRoute from the PARTNERS dropdown listbox

Select Private Virtual Circuit (Public will also be possible depending on what you want to get connected). Select the bandwith and in PARTNER SERVICE KEY put the value of the Correlation ID you obtained in the step one. Finally set the primary and secondary BGP IP addresses you want to use on both sides. Click create.

Wait for the circuit to be provisioned and BGP state is up

Now go to Azure side and verify that the circuit is enabled.

That’s all folks, in the next post we’ll finish configuration and test the communication between both sides, hope it helps! 🙂

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