OCI fastconnect | Differencies between creating Direct and Partner circuits


1Choose a provider partner from a list of certified paertnersNo partner to select
2Choose if virtual circuit is:
Select an existing DRG
Set Oracle and customer BGP IP addresses
Set BGP customer ASN
Go to partner portal and create the connection yourself
set port speed, up to 50 of your ip address to advertise and your BGP ASN
Choose if connection is:
single: select por speed and point of presence (2 available per region)
aggragated (LAG): select port speed ans number of cross connects (up to 3, but you can increase later up to 8)
3Wait for partner connection to be stablished (minutes)Single cross-connect:
Get the LOA and send to your preferred carrier
Grouped cross connect:
Get the cross connect LOA and send to your preferred connectivity provider
4Wait for the cross connect to appear online
5Create virtual circuit:
select DRG, port speed, vlan, oracle and customer IP addresses and customer ASN
select port speed, customer ip addresses to advertise (uP to 50) and customer ASN
6Wait for virtual circuit BGP IPv4 state up


Fastconnect partner: step 1
Fastconnect partner: step 2 private circuit
Fastconnect partner: step 2 public circuit
Fastconnect partner connection created result page
Partner portal: Creating a port
Partner portal: Setting port details
Partner portal: Create connection
Partner portal: Setting the ocid of the OCI virtual circuit and selecting an available port
Partner portal: Connection details
Partner portal: connection summary
Partner portal: connection created
Fastconnect partner: Connection pending on partner (basically pay the bill)
Selecting a fastconnect direct
Fastconnect direct: step 2 single cross connect
Fastconnect direct: single cross connect created cross connect
Fastconnect direct: single cross connect LOA details
Fastconnect direct: step 2 cross connect group (LAG)
Fastconnect direct: cross connect group created, cross connect pending in customer
Fastconnect direct: cros connect details
Fastconnect direct: cross connect LOA
Fastconnect direct: step 4 cross connect is up
Fastconnect direct single cross connect: step 4 creating private virtual circuit
Fastconnect direct: single cross connect: step 5 creating public virtual circuit
Fastconnect direct: step 6, single cross connect, virtual circuit is up


Oracle BGP ASN: 31898

Oracle FastConnect providers url page: https://www.oracle.com/cloud/networking/fastconnect-providers.html#northamerica

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