Visual Builder Studio | Howto Run Build VMs inside Your VCN

Visual Builder Studio (former Developer Cloud Service or DevCS) is a CICD platform that execute a bunch of tasks by configuring Build Jobs such as Terraform scripts, shell commands, kubectl, etc.

There are two options regarding networking when you create a template/virtual machine in which the build jobs run: default and custom.


Default means that the virtual machine created temporarily for the execution is floating in the public address space of the OCI Services Network (although it also has got a private IP).


Custom means that you can choose the VCN and subnet in which the virtual machine will be wired, therefore it can reach your infrastructure resources, obviously honoring the different security rules you might have.


  • Create a public “cicd” subnet in the VCN for the build vm’s created
  • Create a security ingress rule for the subnet to allow incoming traffic from ports 22, 9082 and 9085
  • Create a security egress rule for all ports
  • Add an Internet Gateway to the VCN and create a route for the public “cicd” subnet to allow outgoing traffic to via the internet gateway

See documentation here

Hope it helps! 🙂


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