Oracle Integration Cloud Gen2 Now Includes an Embedded File Server

Until now, you had to provision compute instances for SFTP integration purposes in OIC, such as when interfacing with Cloud Applications. With the advent of OIC gen2, you can enable the instance to include its own file server.

To enable the capability, click on the link as depicted below:

After several minutes where the instance in not available, the file server is provisioned and a new option appears in the Settings menu:

From there you can do several configuration and operation tasks such as manage users, groups, folders, obtain the public IP of the server as well as start/stop the service:

You can also change the authentication mechanism as pasword, key or both:

If key authentication, you must provide the public key here:

For the connection, grab the user, IP and port and proceed like whatever sftp connection:

That’s all, hope it helps!

More info here

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