Experiment Machine Learning with COVID-19 data and Oracle Autonomous Database Notebooks

Machine Learning capabilities are included at no extra cost in the Oracle Autonomous Database offerings. You can experience with a bunch of prediction models.

Disclaimer: This material is only provided for knowledge share purposes

Prepare your environment

Grab a trial account here if you don’t have one.

Create an Object Storage Bucket:

Grab COVID-19 data executing the following from the command line:

wget https://opendata.ecdc.europa.eu/covid19/casedistribution/csv

Upload the file to the Object Storage Bucket and get hte url of the file:

Create a token for your OCI user, grab the password:

Create an Autonomous Database instance, it takes 5 minutes or less:

Click on the [Service Console] button of the database instance created:

Go to [Administration] menu on the left. Click on [Manage Oracle ML users]:

Click on [+Create] to create a user:

Click on the [Development] link on the left menu. Click on [Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks]:

Log in with your new created user:

Click on [Quick Actions|Notebooks]:

Open this content with your browser and save it to to a file, or

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/javiermugueta/corona/master/corona_es.json

Update: The format of the csv file has changed, please review updated artefacts in the GitHub repo here

Click on import:

Open the saved file, it contains a notebook with some material prepared:

Expand/collapse the paragraphs and see the capabilities of the notebook:

Lab material

Check the lab material in this repo here

See also the documentation here and here

That’s all, hope it helps! 🙂


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