Because one size doesn’t feet all: Fully versus shared responsibility managed cloud services

One may think that several offerings are wierd, but think in backward compatibility and other reasons that can explain the existence of offerings that brings a more flexible portfolio and covering a wider spectre of Client needs.

Oracle managed

In a fully managed PaaS, Oracle manages all the underlying infrastructure for you. In this scenario you have the following:

  • Patches including software and SO are applied by Oracle
  • Cloud portal (or dashboard) provides a tooling that allows you perform recovery, start/stop, simplified provisioning and the like
  • You can schedule backups and also perform a backup on demand. You don’t have to manage where backups are stored
  • Recovery is performed with the cloud tooling or via support in case of issues
  • Maintenance window is predefined by Oracle, you can’t change it


  • Oracle Autonomous database
  • Oracle Integration
  • Oracle Analytics
  • Oracle Blockchain
  • Oracle Content and Experience
  • And more…

Use cases:

  • You don’t have skilled resources or don’t want to deal with administrative tasks
  • The capabilities offered by the service are good enough, you don’t need extra control over them
  • Standard maintenance windows do not affect your business or you have designed a distributed multi region/multi cloud high availability strategy

Shared responsibility

Simply put, you have root access to all or part of the infrastructure. The tendency of this kind of offerings goes toward a paradigm in which the vendor manages the control and management planes and the Client manages the data planes, as this is how the modern software is evolving to an approach adopted by Cloud Native that has been utilized in networking engineering for long.


  • Oracle Kubernetes Engine
  • Database systems
  • Exadata

Use cases:

  • You need certain control on the infrastructure such as apply specific patches, install certain OS libraries/packages, install custom binaries, etc
  • You need more control over maintenance windows

Hope it helps! 🙂

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