RTO=0 | Regional High Availability and Disaster Recovery WebSite with WebCenter Sites | Traffic Management Steering Policies and DNS Zones Capabilities

Oracle WebCenter Sites (WCS) is a Web Content Management Solution for building enterprise websites that has been out there for 15 yers or so.

WCS is based in classic WWW+MW+Database layered architecture. Local high availability is provided by Oracle RAC and Oracle Dataguard in the data layer and WebLogic clusters in the MW layer.

At the functional level, WCS deployments are conformed by two environments: editorial (or contribution) and publication. The editorial environment is where marketing users design and evolve websites by doing changes that are pushed to the publication environment constantly.

One of the capabilities of WCS is that it can publish to more than one publication environment. Thanks to this feature, we can create a secondary, out of the region environment for Disaster Recovery (DR) with the characteristic that the DR environment is also online and up to date, that is, it can be open to end users.

DNS Zones and Traffic Steering Policies

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) DNS Zones and Traffic Steering Policies are capabilities of OCI that help us to put all those things together giving us:

  • failover in case one site is not responding to healthchecks
  • load balancing, that is, send load to the other region in case of peaks
  • geographic distribution of load, that is, users are sent to the closest region to them

Take a look at the documentation and/or this post to get more info about it.


There are multiple benefits of this solution, including:

  • Disaster Recovery is guaranteed by itself and by design, because it is working online and even it can be open to users (that is something that you decide depending on your use case)
  • RTO=0
  • Geographic distribution of load
  • Regional High availability

That’s all folks, hope it helps! 🙂

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