Solution Pattern for Delivering big Messages/Documents/Payloads not Overloading the Api Gateway

Either you are a Telco or utilities company providing download of invoices through the mobile or desktop app, or maybe a travel broker delivering big json/xml payloads to partners, the following pattern is intended to alleviate the traffic of big amount of data through the api gateway.

The idea is quite simple, following  end user request (1) producing a big amount of data (2), we upload the data to an object storage bucket in cloud (3) and create a temporary link with limited lifetime (a few seconds) that we return to the caller (4). Later on, the caller request the link that will deliver the document from the cloud directly to final endpoint (5), bypassing the API gateway. The following diagram depicts the pattern:

Oracle Object Storage provides following capabilities:

  • REST, golang, java or phy API
  • Upload/download files in parallel with low latency
  • Create a random temporary link to files with controlled lifetime
  • Apply automatic deletion/archiving policies for the documents uploaded

In addition, you an benefit of these aditional Oracle Cloud Infrastructure capabilities:

  • First 10TB/month data egress for free
  • Ingress data always free
  • Very cheap cost of object storage

That’s all, hope it helps! 🙂

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