Look what I Found at the bottom of a Box when Making Room for a Workbench in my Garage

Turbo C ++ v1.0 for Microsoft DOS !!!!! The two volumes printed on paper are in good condition. I remember they came packaged with 4 floppy disks in a cardboard box.

Here a matrix printer output of a piece of code, dated 1993!!

Hands on to run TC++ on a Mac

First, I found an image of MSDOS here

Second, I found an image copy of TC++ here

Third, I created a VirtualBox configuration for a DOS operating system with 2 floppy disks and a hard drive:

First time I started the system show me the classic A prompt so I issued a dir command to see the disk content:

Then I issued a format command to make format to disk C:

After that I changed to disk B:

Let’s try to run INSTALL.EXE…


It takes 2 seconds, 25 years ago it took minutes for sure!! Now the installer is asking me to change to disk 2…

Installer requesting to change the disk

Thanks to VirtualBox that was pretty easy:

So finally I got the software installed!

Expectant to see if it works! Lets move to c:\TC\BINmand run TC.EXE..

A little bit fun
It seems it compiles!!

Incredible!!!! Enjoy 😉

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