Extracting Data from Oracle SaaS to Onprem or Other Clouds through Private High Speed Connection via Service Gateway | Part One

BI Cloud Extract is a standard tool for extracting data from SaaS (ERP, …) either incremental or fully approaches. Data is exported to Object Storage as zipped files. Files stored in object storage are encrypted by a key provided by OCI Object Storage administrator role o keys managed by Oracle. Additionally Oracle encrypts data at rest in the physical devices.

Encryption keys options in Object Storage

OCI Object Storage is an internet facing cloud service which also has a leg connected to a service network in the Oracle Cloud Internal network.

Shall you need to download SaaS data to onprem or other clouds through a private high speed connection, Oracle offers a gateway construct called Service Gateway.

A Service Gateway connects a virtual network (VCN) with a Cloud Service through an internal connection.

Once you have connected a VCN with the Object storage, then you can connect the VCN with onprem or other clouds networks via MPLS, local peering o remote peering depending on the use cases.

See also this post with hands on explaining how to do it with an example.

That’s almost it! Hope it helps 🙂

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