Integrating DevCS Notifications with Slack Using WebHooks

One interesting thing regarding CI and DevOps is the ability to be notified when things happen without the need to log in a web app every hour and see what happened.

Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS -a CI/DevOps tool from Oracle Cloud-) can be configured to send notifications to several channels, one of them is slack:

Let’s have a look how to configure it.

Slack Side Configuration

Ask our slack administrators to allow you install “Incoming Webhooks” app

Once you are allowed, install and configure “Incoming Webhooks”, selecting the slack channel you want the notifications to be sent to, name icon, attachments and the like. Finally, grab the Webhook URL for later.

DevCS Side Configuration

Go to DecCS, select a project and go to Administration/Webhooks

Create a new Webhook. Put in the field URL the url created in the slack configuration side and subscribe to the kind notifications you are interested in and clink on [Save]:

Click on [Test] button and verify a test message reaches the slack channel:

Now launch a build, create/edit an announcement or do whatever task that generates notifications and verify the notification reaches the channel:

That’s all, hope it helps! 🙂

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