Creating Route Rule for Oracle OCI VCN Remote Peering : InvalidParameter – routeRules[0].networkEntityId may not be null


When creating a route rule for VCN remote peering between 2 Virtual Cloud Networks in different regions in Oracle OCI using the web console, the UI does not provide a way for selecting the DRG:



Create the route rule with the CLI as follows:

oci network route-table create --compartment-id xxx --vcn-id yyy --route-rules '[{"cidrBlock":"","networkEntityId":"zzz"}]'

xxx is the OCID of the compartment in which you want to create the route rule
yyy is the OCID of the VCN in which you are creating the route rule for peering
zzz id the OCID of the DRG

oci network route-table create --compartment-id ocid1.compartment.oc1..aaaaaaaa3sz43qrfhsjmbibsrc6e7c2ftlt53gfnzifvlow2yoz7hk3ni2jq --vcn-id  --route-rules '[{"cidrBlock":"","networkEntityId":""}]'

Hope it helps 🙂

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