CD (Continuous Delivery) with Wercker Pipelines in 15 minutes

Wercker is a continuous delivery  “YAPT” pipelines tool…yes, Yet Another Pipelines Tool, ja ja  😉

Well, Wercker is easy to use, let’s have a look.

  1. Create a project for containeraizing something
  2. Create a Wercker account if you don’t have one
  3. Connect Wercker with a repo under [Settings]w5
  4. Push your code to a repo, such as GitHub, BitBucket, Oracle Developer Cloud Service,…
  5. Create a new Wercker application w2
  6. Select one of the supported repos and click [Next]w3
  7. Select one of your projects and click [Next]w6
  8. Select the following w10
  9. Finally click [Create]w8
  10. In the new created application page, select the language of your app and click copy to clipboard w12
  11. Add the code to a file named wercker.yml, comment the test line and push the file to the repo w14
  12. Take a look to the build status w18
  13. Add environment variables for your login to a docker V2 compliant repository w20
  14. Add the following at the end of wercker.yml deploy:
    - internal/docker-build:
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    image-name: kfkconsumer-node
    - internal/docker-push:
    username: $USERNAME
    password: $PASSWORD
    tag: mytag
    repository: javiermugueta/kfkconsumer-node
  15. Create new pipeline and name it deploy x1
  16. Add a new step with the deploy pipeline created previously
  17. Make changes to project, push and see what happens


That’s all!

😉 Enjoy

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