jMeter Test Script for Kafka (tested against Oracle Event Hub Cloud Service)

In this post we are testing a jMeter script that sends messages to Kafka Cluster running in Oracle Event Hub (OEH).


Install plugins manager in JMeter if you don’t have it, restart jMeter and then install Kafka Support, then you will be told to restart jMeter.



Download the jMeter script from here

Load the script into jMeter and change the configuration of your cluster, topic name, etc..


Change the “View Results Tree” configuration ( it comes with theErrors Check enabled in order to avoid latencies in test execution, because the nature of this especific listener ). Execute a few test cycles and observe that valid son files are sent to Kafka cluster.


Once you are ready, put the checkbox in Errors and execute the script, here you can watch a video with my test. It has been rum from my local network to cloud, therefore latencies are degrading performance.


That’s all folks!

Enjoy 😉

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