The Increasingly Important Role of API Management in the Adoption of Integrated SaaS Solutions Together with the Onprem and Third-party Systems

As the adoption of the cloud by companies progresses, we see how an ecosystem of cloud providers is being formed that must be integrated with each other and with the legacy systems of our customers. That is, it confirms what was already intuited, the cloud will be hybrid and multi-provider.

In this order of things it is necessary to incorporate mechanisms that help to govern the entire ecosystem.

This is not new, in the previous decade paradigms emerged to solve the integrations between the different systems that the companies were developing / implementing  mostly onprem. One of the failures that such practices unleashed was not adequately implement mechanisms for the government of the integrations between the different systems.

Nowadays, with the new paradigms of microservices, the concept of API management appears as a new attempt to bring order to the potential chaos that may end up happening if things are not done with common sense.

And it is certainly observed that it is more necessary than ever to adopt mechanisms that allow governing the wide range of APIs that are currently available for any purpose.

The management of APIs must cover the entire life cycle of the same, from its design to its withdrawal, through publication, securization and monitoring.

Oracle API Platform is Oracle’s offer to manage the life cycle of all APIs that a company publishes and consumes.

Oracle also provides a complete set of integration technologies and tools (data integration and ETLs, IoT, SOA, BPM, low code development…)

Enjoy 😉

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